Costa Cruises Fortuna Dubai Casino

The Costa Cruises Fortuna Dubai Casino is an exciting attraction. Many tourists go to Dubai, aka. the world’s most luxurious city, eager to have fun and have a wonderful time strolling through its huge buildings, shopping malls, museums, and mosques.

Attracted by the charm of Dubai, there is no shortage of betting fans who want to live a unique experience in the first “physical” casino in the United Arab Emirates located on a luxury boat: the Costa Cruises Fortuna.

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The only “portable” casino in Dubai
The Costa Cruises Fortuna Dubai Casino  is the only boat that arrives at the port of the city for tourist purposes. It is also the only alternative to playing in a casino hotel in Dubai with velvet carpets, huge chandeliers and slot machines everywhere.

The casino on the Costa Cruises Fortuna Dubai Casino has 70 gambling tables and 20 slot machines for you to enjoy your favorite games while crossing the ocean.

The only way to get there is, as you might expect, to embark on the adventure of traveling to Dubai. It’s worth getting on board and we’ll tell you why!

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The Costa Cruises Fortuna inside

Its design is inspired by the art of Italy’s ancestor century, so you’ll find beautiful architecture worthy of a Renaissance cathedral: phenomenal sculptures, ceilings decorated with paintings of cherubs floating in cotton skies, gold ornaments, wide staircases filled with engravings and multiple references to recognized works of art.

As a curiosity, each room was named after a Renaissance celebrity or work of art such as the highly recommended Michelangelo restaurant or the 20 bathrooms that pay homage to the old Italian ships of the time.

On your trip to Dubai, you’ll enjoy several swimming pools (for children and adults), three restaurants, two open bar discos, a library, an art gallery, a theatre with hourly shows, a gymnasium and a beautiful deck with all the luxuries worthy of its luxurious destination.

Entertainment in Dubai, close to the land

Not encouraged enough to get close to the ocean? The Arabic online casinos available in Dubai are the best alternative to play and bet in real time. It approaches the same experience of a conventional casino, only in the comfort of your home, office or hotel.

To access them you just need to have a VPN on your laptop and search for the official site. You can also download the app from your smartphone to play wherever you want!

Dubai Casinos

Dubai casinos feature very friendly and helpful customer support in Arabic, juicy welcome bonuses and flexible payment and receipt methods, both in dirhams and foreign currencies.

You can play in Arabic using computer programs or join tables shared with other players (Arabs or foreigners). If you wish, you can also reserve your VIP lounge to be with the players you want.

Whether on a boat or in your living room, there are multiple ways to play in an Arab casino. Entertainment in Dubai has no limits, so what are you waiting for?


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