UAE Gambling

UAE GamblingUAE Gambling! The first and most important thing you should know is that betting and gambling are totally forbidden in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is important to note that in Muslim countries, Islam is not only the official religion but it also plays an important role in the establishment of federal and local laws. Thus, since gambling and betting are prohibited in Islam, gambling and all forms of promotion are prohibited in all the emirates as well.


Land-based Casino in the UAE
The Penal Code defines gambling as “a game in which each of the parties agrees that the loser will pay the winner a certain sum of money or anything else agreed upon.” Because of this, any gambling is considered a serious crime that must be paid with a prison sentence and/or fine. The law also explicitly prohibits the opening or administration of a place dedicated to the organization of casinos or gambling places in a public or private space within the UAE. This means that you won’t find legal casinos or hotel casinos around here, not even in a cosmopolitan city such as Dubai.
It is necessary to be aware that these laws do not apply only to countries belonging to the UAE. It’s possible that these laws may have extra-territorial application as well; it all will depend on the circumstances.


UAE gambling

Under the 414 article of the Criminal Code of the United Arab Emirates is UAE  gambling not allowed. Although gambling is totally prohibited in the United Arab Emirates, according to data from Royalpanda, it is still very common for people to go online to play gambling.

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UAE Gambling

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